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Innovative Cleaning Solutions Services

Get the Cleaning Help You Need From Professionals You Can Trust

Hire Innovative Cleaning Solutions to keep your Bel Air and Belcamp, MD property immaculate

Whether you want your company swept daily or you need ongoing property maintenance, you’ll find the help you’ve been searching for at Innovative Cleaning Solutions in Bel Air & Belcamp, MD. We have over 20 years of experience in the commercial cleaning and maintenance industry which we use to make your property sparkle.

Schedule an initial consultation with Innovative Cleaning Solutions for:

  • Floor stripping/waxing
  • Construction cleaning
  • Trash/Recycling removal
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Dry vent/Air duct cleaning
  • Sweeping
  • Hot water extraction
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Glass cleaning
  • Mopping

We’ll come to your Bel Air property to discuss your needs and look over your business. Our cleaner will create a proposal for your approval before ordering the necessary cleaning equipment and starting your services.

Trust our specialists to manage any commercial cleaning need you may have – regardless of size. Call our Maryland office today at (410) 879-4251 to set up your first appointment.

Vent Cleaning

When it comes to air vent cleaning, the choice is obvious: Innovative Cleaning Solutions.

We’re the local ductwork experts with years of experience cleaning vents of all kinds. Our highly trained and skilled team of ductwork contractors is dedicated to providing you with excellent vent cleaning services and friendly, professional customer care.

Bank Cleaners

If you are looking for a team of bank cleaners that can keep your bank clean from the floor to the ceiling, look no further than Innovative Cleaning Solutions. From the windows and walls to the carpets and break room, we clean it all.

Our multi-tiered approach to cleaning ensures we’ll do more than wipe away the stains. Here, we scrub, sanitize, polish, and everything in between.

Disinfection Services

Disinfecting your space is crucial to not only preventing the spread of viruses and colds, but also making sure your space is up to the highest safety standards. Innovative Cleaning Solutions offers comprehensive and thorough disinfection services, no matter what type of space you have. We have developed specialized protocols and procedures for disinfecting services to ensure our clients get a great result every time.

Commercial Cleaning

When you need your commercial facilities cleaned, you need to work with skilled cleaners. You need to work with a cleaning company that has a vast storehouse of industrial-grade equipment required to clean the toughest messes. You need to work with a company whose staff has the skills to cater to your demands with ease. In short, you need to work with Innovative Cleaning Solutions.

Floor Stripping and Waxing

If you are looking for a cleaning company that offers floor stripping and waxing services, we invite you to pick up the phone and contact Innovative Cleaning Solutions. As expert floor-care professionals, we don’t just eliminate stains from surfaces. More than that, we extend the lifespan of your floors—and we do so for a great rate.

Improve the appearance, safety, and longevity of your facilities with our help. Call (410) 879-4251 to learn more.

Green Cleaning

Sustainable business practices are something your clientele values and a great way to implement a greener strategy is to work with an eco-cleaning operation like Innovative Cleaning Solutions. Our team of experienced cleaners is passionate about cleaning green and making sure our practices and procedures are all sustainable and not harmful to the environment. Green cleaning isn’t just good for you, it’s great for anyone that enters your commercial or residential space. We only have one planet, so make the green choice and work with our team of experienced staff.

Residential Vent Cleaning

If you’re looking for the best HVAC cleaning in town, look no further. Here at Innovative Cleaning Solutions, we do it all, and we do it best. From furnace to dryer vent cleaning, there’s nothing we can’t handle. We’re committed to tackling any home vent issues, and we make sure you’re completely satisfied with the results.

Contact us now at (410) 879-4251 to learn more about us, our great work, and why you should choose us for all your residential vent cleaning needs.

Gym Cleaners

Gyms are notorious for harboring germs and bacteria – which is no surprise. Popular gyms can see hundreds of clients in and out the door each day, completing sweating workouts, showering, and using shared equipment. Just because gyms can get dirty, however, doesn’t mean they can’t be well-maintained. In fact, with the help of a quality cleaning team, your gym can be a wonderfully safe environment for everyone using the facility.

Industrial Cleaning

As a professional industrial cleaning company, keeping your space clean and efficient is our priority as much as it is yours. Keeping your workplace in top shape is essential for the efficiency of your operations and maintaining injury risk at a minimum. Innovative Cleaning Solutions is among the top-rated industrial cleaning companies because we put our clients’ needs first. We are flexible to your schedule, and our carefully selected staff is highly trained and capable of adhering to all necessary safety precautions.

Call (410) 879-4251 today if you are looking for industrial or factory cleaning services. Our helpful representatives will help you set up your initial consultation.

Janitorial Services

The cleanliness of offices and public spaces are of the utmost importance. It isn’t enough that they’re free of stains—they should be free of dust, bacteria, and allergens. Only the finest commercial cleaning companies can promise to rid facilities of all these things.

As many business owners in the region already know, Innovative Cleaning Solutions ranks among the finest of all the janitorial companies in the industry. Offering excellent customer service paired with comprehensive and customizable cleaning regimens, our janitorial company is here for you.

Medical Office Cleaning

Medical spaces have high standards for their cleaning, and that’s where companies like Innovative Cleaning Solutions come in. Our team of trained professionals can clean your space, making sure it’s free of harmful bacteria and potentially virus-spreading particles. Medical offices need to be cleaned in a timely and thorough manner, which is why our well-trained staff is your best choice for medical cleaning services.  You’ll love working with our exceptional staff because we value service, efficiency, and safety at every turn.

Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Your home deserves the very best. After all, it’s where you live your life. At Innovative Cleaning Solutions, we believe air quality is essential to maintaining the best quality of life. And there’s no better way to ensure superior air quality than with our residential air duct cleaning services.

Move-In Cleaning

If you are looking to hire a professional team for move-in cleaning, you’ve come to the right place. For years, our experts have helped new property owners prepare their properties for move-in day by offering comprehensive indoor and outdoor cleaning and maintenance services. Whether you are looking for a top-to-bottom deep clean or a quick tidy-up, our cleaners are happy to assist you.

Reach us by phone or email to discuss move-in cleaning today.

Move-Out Cleaning

If you are looking to hire move-out cleaning services, you’ve come to the right place. For years our cleaning company has been specializing in move-out cleaning services. Our goal is to create a clean, sanitized blank canvas upon which the next occupant can envision and build their new living space.

If you want to skip the hassle of deep cleaning the property you’re leaving, contact Innovative Cleaning Solutions today. We will be happy to assist you with your move-out cleaning service.

Post-Construction Cleaning

After you have completed construction on a worksite, the job is not completely finished. The debris needs to be removed, and someone needs to prepare the site for the next phase of development.

When contractors and builders require competent and swift post-construction cleaning services, they request the expertise of Innovative Cleaning Solutions. From debris removal to light dusting, our construction cleaning crew does it all.

Office Cleaning

A tidy workspace is a productive workspace. When there’s less clutter in your path, your mind is less cluttered, as well. The office cleaners at Innovative Cleaning Solutions know this, and so do the countless building managers and office workers who rely on our impeccable cleaning services.

If you find yourself looking for professional office cleaning services, look no further than our dedicated custodians. From carpet cleaning to floor-to-ceiling disinfecting services, we do it all.

School Cleaning

Are you looking to invite a team of professional cleaners into your classrooms and school? If so, there is no one better suited to serve your students and faculty than the esteemed school cleaners at Innovative Cleaning Solutions.

Relying on the finest cleaning equipment for your facilities, we scrub away stains from the science lab, disinfect the play areas, and everything in between. We give you an environment perfect for everyday learning, and all for a competitive rate.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

If you are looking to deep clean your kitchen or bathroom space, cleaning your tile and grout should be a priority. While it is all-too-easy to overlook, your tiles and the grout that holds them in place are notorious for harboring dirt and bacteria that can be harmful to your health, especially in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Cleaning your tile and grout won’t only allow you to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your area, but it will help you maximize the lifespan of these materials too.

Window Cleaning

Innovative Cleaning Solutions’s window cleaning services consistently deliver on quality and efficiency. We’re the premier destination for all window washing services because we put client satisfaction first. With our great rates, exceptional results, and high-end cleaning equipment, there’s no better choice for window washing services. Our team of locals can make sure your windows are clean and pristine, at a price you’ll love with service you won’t forget.

Contact us today at (410) 879-4251 to find out more!

Warehouse Cleaning

Cleaning a warehouse according to industry standards isn’t as simple as swinging a mop over the floor. Warehouse cleaning requires a vast storehouse of cleaning equipment, supplies, and a whole lot of skill. Rest assured, Innovative Cleaning Solutions has all the equipment and experience needed to clean your warehouse to perfection.

From the disinfecting of warehouse equipment to the scrubbing of cafeteria floors, we do it all. We know the industry standards for cleanliness. We don’t just meet those standards. Here, we exceed them.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts are an essential part of any building. They regulate airflow and temperatures and help create clean, breathable air. To keep your air ducts working great, they need regular cleaning, and there’s no better team for the job than the experts here at Innovative Cleaning Solutions.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

When your commercial property needs air duct cleaning services, Innovative Cleaning Solutions is the premier choice. Our years of experience cleaning air ducts have given us the talent and skills necessary to ensure a clean you can count on, every time.

Commercial Vent Cleaning

If you need comprehensive HVAC cleaning at affordable prices, you’re in the right place. Innovative Cleaning Solutions’s team of professional workers have the proper credentials and training for all your commercial vent cleaning needs.

Whether you need AC vent cleaning, furnace vent cleaning, or something else for your commercial property, there’s no better choice than our team. We’re dedicated and committed experts that have what it takes to give you the best vent cleaning services around. We are versatile, clean, prompt, hardworking, and much more.

Indoor Air Quality

When you need a breath of fresh air, call Innovative Cleaning Solutions, the best local air quality testing experts. We’re a highly trained and extensively experienced team of professionals, and we have what it takes to accurately and efficiently test your inside air quality.

Our hardworking team members will give it one hundred percent to ensure you have the best possible experience, and we won’t quit until you’re completely satisfied.

Disinfecting Services

Now, more than ever, it's important to keep your commercial building clean and sanitary. With serious illnesses, like the coronavirus, threatening your employees and customers, it's crucial that you disinfect your business regularly.

Construction Cleaning

If you're a building contractor and need a cleaning contractor to partner with, we can handle all phases of construction clean up from the initial broom out to the final detail cleaning.

Air Duct Sanitation

All of the air that you breathe circulates through your air ducts. This means that any allergens, dust or germs will cycle through your building over and over, putting your health at risk. Innovative Cleaning Solutions, Inc. can disinfect your air ducts-we offer air duct cleaning services for clients in Bel Air, Forest Hill, Belcamp, Riverside, MD and surrounding areas.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

First impressions count when it comes to the cleanliness of your building. If customers or prospective employees walk into your office and see a dirty carpet, it creates a negative impression of your business.

Window Washing

Now, more than ever, it's important to keep your commercial building clean and sanitary. With serious illnesses, like the coronavirus, threatening your employees and customers, it's crucial that you disinfect your business regularly.

Floor Cleaning & Care

Many commercial buildings are now installing stone floors such as ceramic tile, granite, marble and terrazzo. Although these floors may not need the frequent care that resilient tile floors need, they still need to be maintained regularly in order to keep the stone and grout looking good. If not maintained properly, the floor and grout will start to look dull and dirty.

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